Chicken Specifications

  • Grade A
  • No Black Pads
  • No Broken bones
  • Less than 3% moisture
  • Full Halal certification and non Halal available

900g - 2200g Frozen Chicken - 10 chickens per box - 27 metric ton per container


Cooling and Freezing

  • Freeze your products, your profits

Freezing is one of the most practical methods and more used and proven food preservation. The foods contain enzymes form a complex protein that catalyzes chemical reactions. During freezing, the enzymatic reaction which causes changes in color and flavor and nutrient loss is slowed down, allowing the preservation of the flavor, texture and nutritional value of food for long periods of time.
Marel continues to provide a wide range of IQF freezers using the latest advances in freezing technology to meet the requirements of the food processing industry end products of better quality. Our continuous innovation in freezing technology has allowed us to continue developing new concepts that take up less space, better leverage the energy and, above all, are more economical, so food processors can focus on what matters most to them - maximize their profit potential.


Classification and Training Portions

  • Rating fixed weight

They can get many benefits with the fixed weight rating. Keeps the lowest overweight possible to pack the products are delivered to the customer with the exact target weight.
Wide range of classification system of fresh chicken parts or frozen almost any size in fixed weight packaging Marel. All Marel classification meet the more stringent requirements of the food industry, thanks to its versatility and easy to clean design.
The fixed weight classifier can operate as individual units (independent) or may be integrated into a complete packaging line.


Packaging and End of Line

  • Tailored to your requirements

The end of Marel line systems perform the final operations to complete the packaging process and ensure the presentation defined by the customer.

This equipment consists of a combination of proven quality elements Marel range, and can be adapted to the specific requirements of each processor.