• Correct temperatures, best performance

The way a broiler is chilled has a substantial influence on your life, presentation, meat structure and final yield.
Marel Poultry offers several technologies that cool birds to the ideal temperature of the center of the chest without freezing wings or neck skin. Chilled water or dry surface, but with some moisture retained in the flesh, the weight loss is maintained at an absolute minimum and is presented to the end customer a final product of attractive color.
Our cooling solutions provide end products of high yield and high bacteriological quality, perfect for marketing, whether fresh or frozen. They are available to all processing capabilities and all product requirements and include aging and immersion cooling options.


Air classification and distribution

  • Fast and accurate Selecting 'based on weight and vision

With the continuously increasing processing capabilities, the need for a whole product distribution system really quick based on an assessment of quality and highly accurate weighing are increasingly important.
Our automated sorting equipment "based on weight and vision" allows you to sort whole products to the highest possible processing speeds. A correct assessment is the basis for a great distribution. The system takes the right product at the best possible place, with whole products classified fully automatically according to the specifications. The losses are reduced to a minimum.



  • Flexible versatility with high performance

A good cut is flexible, accurate and provides high performance.
high performance cutting solutions Marel Poultry just have the flexibility you need. With its numerous options modules, the cutting system offers an almost unlimited layout and production flexibility, regardless of its processing capacity.
A gently rotating products charger places the soft goods and perfectly even in the highest line speeds. The result is a system that produces the highest yields and percentages of degree of cuts in the entire industry.

Vertically Integrated Operations






Breeding Farms