Live Birds Handling

  • A good process begins with the perfect logistics from the aviary to hang

A logistics operating smoothly in the supply and delivery of products presents a very significant contribution to the overall efficiency of a poultry processing plant. The Live Birds Handling GP Modular System Marel Poultry provides effective conditions and promote animal welfare for loading and transport of birds. The logistics system premises meets and exceeds the highest demands as regards the line speed, hygiene, and durability.
The GP System Live Birds handling is modular and offers solutions for all abilities and levels of automation. It protects the quality of the birds, saves work, perfect ergonomics and is the best possible start to your process. Its various cleanup options limit the risk of contamination to a minimum.


Slaughter and Plucking

  • The correct balance between product quality, efficiency and animal welfare

Slaughter and good and effective plucking have a significant influence on quality, shelf-life, appearance and color of the final products. We offer the right balance between product quality, efficiency and of course, animal welfare and hygiene.
Marel Poultry products comply with the latest laws on animal welfare. Always we have the perfect solution for all markets and all processing capabilities. The modular design of the equipment means that the initial capacity can be easily increased.
Important features of developments in progress are reductions in water and energy consumption, while maintaining optimal result and maintaining cleaning and maintenance costs at a minimum.



  • High hygiene standards enable high-quality end products

A good evisceration is essential to preserve the quality of your final product, including kids. evisceration technology Marel Poultry remove the complete set of viscera in a single operation by. It is then immediately separated from the housing and transferred to a different hook or is positioned on the back of the product to manual collection, providing greater benefits in terms of quality, hygiene and labor saving. The evisceration program offers solutions for all process capacities up to 13,500 per hour broilers. Several modules can be combined, depending on requirements. Valuable kids can be collected and processed manually, semi or fully automatic mode.
With the evisceration of Marel Poultry you can achieve higher yields and hygiene standards.

Vertically Integrated Operations






Breeding Farms