Process control / Control and crucial information for each processor

We offer a highly flexible and fully scalable production control software package that allows you to control, monitor and efficiently improve all aspects of their production process, handling of live birds to shipping orders and quality control processes.

Take full control of your value chain with software solutions from Marel Poultry: You can maximize yields, productivity and availability and reduce costs, inventory and losses

Integration Services


Planning and order processing


Performance monitoring

Quality control

Weighing and labeling

Process control and device


Internal logistics

  • Put the right products in the right place

A good internal logistics improves the flow of their products, safeguarding the quality in the process.
We offer various types of conveyor systems to connect the steps of the process in the most efficient way possible. Besides adding to the security product to the next process step, another goal may also be to reduce the number of times the product is touched by operators. One way to do this is using conveyor belts that automatically position the product correctly for food in a machine located downstream in the production line.

Weighing (Scale)

  • Weighing and flexible monitoring

Marel manufactures industrial scales that provide high levels of accuracy, durability and ease of use. The deep knowledge of the products Marel often results in individually integrated solutions that meet specific food processing requirements.
The range of floor and Marel bench scales can be combined with the comprehensive range of weighing indicators, computers, printers, labellers, software and accessories to suit individual processing needs. The Marel scales can be used as independent installations or as part of a complete production management system.