Boning & Skin Removal

  • End products infinitely versatile and high performance

A good boning is crucial for high yields, high quality and safe end products.
To this, we add an endless versatility of the possible end products and for processing valuable byproducts. Due to technical and technological refinements, the number of options of end products made even larger, the smaller number of manual operations and more complex cuts possible. As a result, system performance has continued to grow.
All of Marel deboning Poultry systems are modular and offer solutions (semi-) automated for virtually all boning operations. Add the steaks and SensorX handling mats allows you to achieve the highest quality product possible.


Cut portions

  • Automated performance at high speed and high precision

A good cut portions is summarized in automated performance, high speed and high precision.
Poultry Marel offers cutting portions solutions for high speed production of products with weight or fixed length. With a large variety of machines of choice, can produce an endless variety of products. Its high-precision performance results in a waste ("give-away") minimum, thereby providing excellent profit opportunities.
Combining the cutting portions with Innova, the intelligent production software Marel, will offer remote programming easy to use, control, real-time monitoring and reporting of actual performance


Meat Recovery

  • Flexible versatility with high performance

One of our goals is to add the maximum value to each bird. The meat recovery equipment provides this possibility.
You can remove the housing any remaining valuable poultry.
The boneless meat / mechanically separated (MSM) provides a lucrative source of good quality raw materials for the industries of sausages, snacks and minced meat.
Marel provides recovery of highly efficient and durable meat systems requiring only minimal maintenance and is easy to operate and clean.


Marinate and homogenization

  • In-line marinating and injecting: popular and profitable

The market for ready to cook products continues to grow. Injecting and marinating all kinds of bone-in and de-boned products are very popular.
These techniques add more value to your products and offer interesting possibilities in virtually all markets with new tastes and applications being thought up all the time.
With our massage and marinating solutions you can process small batches in line, either wet or dry, larger or smaller products, with or without bone and with or without additives

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